Refractory Products, Provides Comprehensive Solutions to the Clients

Maha Refractories and Castables is a Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of High Quality Refractory Products, which are essential for high-temperature processes in industries exceeding temperature limit of above 1,200 °C. All our products are manufactured under BIS Norms and are of high quality.

With dedicated work force Maha Refractories and Castables serves the requirement of Fire Bricks, Castables, Slabs, Acid Proof Material, Ceramic Fibre Blankets, Thermosil/Asbestos Mill Boards, Foundry / Casting and Rock Wool in India and also planning to extend services across globe.

Refractory products manufactured and exported by Maha Refractories and Castables will ensure they will withstand chemical stress along with extreme mechanical and thermal stress. The innovative power and research made Maha Refractories and Castables successful in its business operations. We promise in time delivery of products.

New and Innovative products developed using latest technology are introduced continuously keeping in view, the constant requirement for cost effective and value added products. With numerous products we provide there is always something you can get from us based on your refractory budget and needs.

We are known for quality,
quantity and economical solution’s in various modules refractory products


Our Products

We provide fire bricks made of fire clay, widely used as insulating bricks to maintain strength at inflated temperature, unparalleled hardness, resistance to wear & corrosion, excellent heat insulation.

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We supply Castables which contain dry mixture of graded refractory aggregates, extensively used as suitable bonding material. It is mixed with water to attain wet concrete and further heated to get a strong ceramic bond.

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We provide refractory slabs which are custom fabricated and customized to meet all of your requirements. Custom floor slabs are made based on your specifications, the shapes will be made to exactly fit your requirement.

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Acid proof material is needed in industrial plants where acids are involved in those corrosive environments. We provide brick lining, tiles and bricks which are acid proof and acid resistant and made using raw material of highest quality.

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We offer Ceramic Fiber Blanket made from bulk fibers. Double needling is done to avoid delaminating and to enhance the properties of blanket like handling ability, good strength and durability.

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We provide millboards which are thermal insulated, heat-resistant and versatile material, produced and developed in form of sheet by using high quality incombustible fillers, asbestos fibres and vegetable binders. It can withstand temperature up to 1400 degree centigrade.

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Flexibility of casting process is used to supply diverse range of complex, large and high quality castings with a strong combination of low tooling cost and moldability for better structural automotive castings.

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We provide rock wool which serves as high-performing insulation for buildings, which is made of stone wool extracted from volcanic diabase rock to protect against fire, unwanted noise and also unrivalled durability.

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